Escape to Big Sur

City living can be tough. It doesn't take much before simple stressors compound into full-blown anxiety. Thankfully, I've come to quickly recognize when I'm in dire need of a weekend getaway. Trips into nature are all the better to cure my urban-dwelling woes. Big Sur


The natural beauty of the great State of California never ceases to amaze me. We have some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, flanked by majestic Redwood trees.


Big Sur


Here is where I introduce the Rainbow House. I was forewarned by friends that this place is absolutely magical. Turns out, I couldn't have found a better word to describe it.

Rainbow House Big Sur


There are two houses on the property - the Rainbow and the Dragon House. Each is as quirky, vibrant, and other-worldly as their name suggests. Nestled upon a hilltop amid the Redwood trees, every window, porch, and balcony blurs any illusion of separation from nature.


Rainbow House Big Sur


WiFi connectivity is sparse, water runs slowly, the tub fills even slower, and meals are prepared over a propane stove. There is something about this simple, raw living that slows you down. It allows your thoughts and actions to be more deliberate, more thoughtful, more at peace.


Rainbow House Big Sur


Living in California, it's pretty difficult to find a reason for not retreating into nature every once in awhile. Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Ojai, and Yosemite are just some of the easily accessible and affordable weekend getaway spots.


Rainbow House Big Sur


So gather up a group of friends, get packing, and hit the road for a restorative retreat into the beautiful outdoors of California!


Rainbow House Dragon House Big Sur


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