New Music Monday: January 2016 Playlist


This month's playlist is a compilation of soulful tracks from a unique mix of artists. The emergence of the instrumental, club-friendly beat layered upon a smooth, R&B lyrical flow is most evident on Chet Faker and Marcus Marr's latest four-track EP, Work.  However, this same captivating rhythm is also on Jack Garratt's, "Worry" and Raf Riley's "Summer." Miike Snow, Ray LaMontagne, and Wild Belle all dropped impressive singles ahead of highly-anticipated, forthcoming album releases. While the artists stayed true to their form, Miike Snow's latest work, including a catchy remix with Run the Jewels, is the greatest indication that the Swedish trio will be serving up something truly unique on their March 4th album release. Lastly, I cannot do it enough justice by simply marveling over Anderson Paak's latest, Malibu, and will instead just insist you do not miss listening to this gem in it's entirety!   1) Learning For Your Love- Marcus Marr, Chet Faker

2) Worry- Jack Garratt

3) Genghis Khan- Miike Snow

4) Shine A Light- BANNERS

5) Bank Rolls- Remix- Tate Kobang

6) Way Down We Go- Kaleo

7) Throw Down Your Guns- Wild Belle

8) The Bird- Anderson Paak

9) Wasting Time- Kids These Days

10) Summer- Raf Riley, Etta Bond, Avelino, Dun D

11) Part One- Hey, No Pressure- Ray LaMontagne

12) London- Grace Acladna

13) Devil Like Me- Rainbow Kitten Surprise

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