New Music Monday: February 2015 Playlist


This month's new music playlist is perfect for late night drives or long road trips. Powerful vocals, booming instrumentals, and catchy beats. The energy of these tracks is best captured with the volume up, the bass throbbing, and nothing but a vast expanse of empty roads ahead. It's quite fitting that I compiled most of these tracks as we trekked along the Costa Rican coast last month. Raury's debut album, Indigo Child finally made its way onto Spotify this month. Best known for collaborations on the latest SBTRKT album, the Atlanta native's eclectic sound is captured brilliantly in his catchy beats. Florence + The Machine failed to disappoint with the release of a single, "What Kind of Man" off their upcoming album. True to form, Florence's lyrics and vocals on the track are full of soul, depth, and unadulterated grace.   1) Dress- Sylvan Esso

2) Sadness Disease- AiYLO Remix- Urban Cone

3) Fade Out Lines- The Avener Rework- The Avener

4) Duvan- Amason

5) Cubicle- Jaded Incorporated

6) Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)- Todd Terje

7) God's Whisper- Raury

8) Let The Good Times Roll- J.D. McPherson

9) What Kind of Man- Florence + The Machine

10) Bassically- Tei Shi

11) Come to Me- Lily & Madeleine

12) Cigarette Song- Raury   Follow me on Spotify!

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