Learning to Fall: A Coming of Age Documentary


A friend and former co-worker, Claire, recently shared with me a project of hers. A passionate storyteller, she is making a documentary chronicling stories of loss, vulnerability, and growth during young adulthood. The film intends to explore how we can overcome quarter-life hardships by using mindfulness as a tool. To do this, Claire will be traveling to a mindful recovery center in Northern Thailand to interview residents that want to share their story. I was immediately drawn to the project. Having traveled solo through Thailand and Cambodia a few years ago, I have a deep affinity for these beautiful lands. With a culture steeped in the teachings of mindfulness, meditation, and Theravāda Buddhism, a great sense of calm and peace radiates throughout Thailand. Also, having too experienced tremendous loss in my early twenties with the inexplicable loss of my best friend, I deeply value the power of these stories to transcend. Using yoga and meditation to access my own mindfulness, I am constantly grateful for these tools which grant me the ability to stay connected and treat each day as a true blessing.

Learn more about this incredible project from the team:

Learning to Fall is a short documentary chronicling stories of loss, vulnerability, and growth during young adulthood. This film explores how we can use mindfulness as a tool to overcome quarter-life hardships. Please help us share the stories of many who have experienced tough transitions during their young-adult lives. From the loss of a loved one, to the separation of a marriage, and more. By doing this, we can take a leap out of our comfort zones, embrace our vulnerabilities, and "Learn to Fall.”

Learning to Fall is actively campaigning until April 1st, 2016. Donate now to be a part of this topical documentary on mindfulness and young-adulthood!


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