ClassPass Review


Already a month into my ClassPass membership, and with all the buzz surrounding the platform as ClassPass recently secured another $40 million in Series B funding, I considered it due time to share my experience with their Los Angeles offerings! ClassPass is a membership service that allows access to unlimited monthly classes to studios within their network for $99 a month. Classes include yoga, cycling, barre, pilates, dance, and strength training. There are a number of pricey boutique studios in the mix- Exhale, FlyWheel, Pilates Platinum, and Barry's Bootcamp to name a few.

Yas Fitness, VeniceYas Fitness Centers, Venice

The Math:

First and foremost, let's crunch the numbers based on my usage. I'm going to assume the rates I would otherwise pay at these studios without Classpass, taking into account discounted packages.

Total Monthly Reservations: 13

Yas Indoor Cycling: 2 classes x $12= $24 Exhale Advanced Yoga Flow: 1 class x $25= $25 Exhale Core Fusion Barre: 1 class x $25= $25 Yogis Anonymous All Levels Flow: 2 classes x $14= $28 Pilates Platinum: 3 classes x $23= $69 Pop Physique Pop Sculpt: 1 class X $20= $20 sweat yoga: 2 classes x $10= $20 Hustle & Flow Cycling: 1 class x $16= $16

Total without ClassPass- $227 Total with Class Pass- $99

That's a savings of $128 a month! It's also plenty of incentive to make sure I work out more to get the most bang for my buck. Of course for a deal this good, the service comes with a few downsides.

Unplug MeditationUnplug Meditation, Brentwood


1) Limited Schedule: This one was the biggest disappointment for me. It wasn't until I was a member and gained access to the studio schedules did I see just how limited the available time slots were at certain studios. A couple studios, including The Studio (MDR) are only offering mid-day classes during the work week, making it impossible for anyone with a 9-5 job to attend.

2) Reservation Deadlines: Another less apparent piece of information I failed to notice before signing up is that the deadline to reserve a class is 2 hours in advance. This can be tough when you enjoy the freedom of spontaneously throwing in a workout at the end of the day.

3) 24-Hour Cancellation Policy and 3 Class Max per Studio: These are more disclaimers than actual cons. Both of these policies are clearly communicated prior to signing up. Basically, if you a cancel a class within 24 hours of its start, you'll be charged a $20 late cancellation fee. The 3 class max per studio limits the number of times you may visit one studio within the month. Both are to be expected on a service of this kind to protect the participating studios.

*UPDATE- ClassPass recently revised their Class Cancellation Policy! You can now cancel without a fee within 12 hours of the class start time. If you fail to show up entirely the fee is $20. However, if you cancel inside the window (less than 12 hours in advance), the fee is $15.

Yogis AnonymousYogis Anonymous, Santa Monica


1) It's a Commitment: With the 24- hour cancellation policy and a flat monthly fee, ClassPass is a commitment. Fitness is my primary tool for managing stress and anxiety. Getting your heart pumping, and your blood flowing majorly decreases the impact of daily stress. The times I am most apt to bail out of a workout are usually after a long and stressful day. Turns out those are the days I need it most. Thanks to ClassPass I follow through with my workout commitments, avoiding a further downward spiral on a challenging day.

2) It's Social: I have already nudged three friends into signing up for ClassPass and the result has been more healthy, productive hangouts! This past Friday night, a girl friend and I signed up for a yoga class at sweat yoga followed by a healthy dinner at Real Food Daily. Ordinarily this hangout would have consisted of a happy hour full of booze and bar food. It's great to have healthy alternatives for social gatherings!

3) Change Up Your Routine: Constantly switching up your workout routine is a sure fire way to ensure your body is constantly challenged. With the vast array of class selections available on ClassPass, along with the continual addition of new studios, this one is pretty obvious pro.

4) Big-Time Savings: As the math above proved, you can save over a grand a year by signing up for ClassPass depending on your usage.

Pilates PlatinumPilates Platinum, Venice

So far, the pros have far outweighed the cons of ClassPass. By creating a structured workout plan, I've been able to avoid most of the downsides of the service. I can only imagine the benefits of a ClassPass membership will continue to expand as new studios join the mix! Get your fitness on and join today!